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Don’t mean to throw a wrench into our identity discussion, but: » Blog Archive A piece of their mind «. {0}
Heh. Science articles explained by The Guardian writer Martin Robbins:
This paragraph elaborates on the claim, adding weasel-words like “the scientists say” to shift responsibility for establishing the likely truth or accuracy of the research findings on to absolutely anybody else but me, the journalist.
Read the whole article here: This is a news website article about a scientific finding | Martin Robbins | Science. {0}
Where are you right now? Maybe you are at home, the office or a coffee shop—but such responses provide only a partial answer to the question at hand. Asked another way, what is the location of your “self” as you read this sentence? via Me, Myself and My Stranger: Understanding the Neuroscience of Selfhood: Scientific American. {0}