Notes from Stallings Archive - The Winsome Scholar - page 6
“True Grit’s main characters, Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) and Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) closely parallel two ancient Indo-European conceptions of justice represented by the one-eyed sovereign (wild, unreliable, ruling through bravado) and the one-handed sovereign (solemn, proper, ruling by the letter of the law).”
via Does True Grit tap into an ancient myth? – By Paul Devlin – Slate Magazine. {0}
“Well, to me, drawing from life is about observation and about looking, and to me, cartooning is about remembering and about reading. Fundamentally, the difference between comics and fine art, for lack of a more pretentious distinction, is the difference between reading pictures and looking at pictures. When I draw comics, I draw pictures that are ideograms — you read them rather than look at them. If they are interesting as images, you are more likely to slow down and concentrate on them.” via Interview with Chris Ware Part 2 of 2 « The Comics Journal. {0}
“That’s one of the hardest things to do in comics: to create a character through which the reader can actually feel his or her own emotional memories. It’s much easier in a novel, but when you’re in a sort of half-blind state of looking at pictures on a page, you’re always being bounced back off the page. I really think that that’s Charles Schulz’ greatest achievement as a cartoonist: He really created the first sympathetic cartoon character in Charlie Brown — that was the first cartoon strip with a character that you really, really cared about deeply, so I’ll thank him for that.”
Interview with Chris Ware Part 1 of 2 « The Comics Journal. {0}
“This wasnt the first time shed encountered it sizzling there, in all its glistening glory. But for some reason, this time it overpowered her. She was guilty yet gleeful when she told us that shed allowed bacon back into her life.”
via Why Bacon Is A Gateway To Meat For Vegetarians : Shots – Health News Blog : NPR. {1}