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“Moore and Bolland, Miller and Varley, Morrison and well… a lot of different people. Three creative teams. Three definitive takes on the Joker.”
A little fortuitous given our discussion today. via Mindless Ones » Blog Archive » Three fools – Part 1: Moore and Bolland’s Joker. {0}
Looking for an example of poor decorum? NY Federal Reserve President Wm. Dudley on rising food costs:
“Today you can buy an iPad 2 that costs the same as an iPad 1 that is twice as powerful,” he said referring to Apple Inc’s latest handheld tablet computer hitting stories on Friday. “You have to look at the prices of all things,” he said. This prompted guffaws and widespread murmuring from the audience, with one audience member calling the comment “tone deaf.”
via For Feds Dudley, iPad comment falls flat in Queens | Reuters. {0}
“Children’s literature of the variety produced by Crompton and others such as AA Milne, Enid Blyton, et al provided a false but satisfactory memory of assumed childhood experiences and was, for the next five decades or so of her career, a suitable fictional outlet to help entertain and distract from successively: economic depression, wartime, and post-war shortages.”
via Bart Simpson & Dennis the Menace Would Be His Buddies: Just William: Series One < PopMatters. {0}
Here’s Ward Shelley’s Homepage; we looked at a few of his graphs in class. Our other source, at Golden Age Comic Book Stories, provides a run of political cartoons through the war. The Great War. Have other links? Share ’em in the comments or shoot me an email. {0}