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This isn’t related to anything we’re doing at the moment… British author Terry Pratchett (author of the Discworld series amongst others) “dug up 81kg of ore and smelted it in the grounds of his house, using a makeshift kiln built from clay and hay and fuelled with damp sheep manure” to make his own sword after being knighted. Tip of the hat to you, Sir Pratchett. via Terry Pratchett creates a sword with meteorites | {0}
Snake Oil in the Supermarket: Food-makers should have to prove the validity of their health claims via Scientific American. {0}
Patton’s habit of pocket notebook keeping began after his freshman year at West Point. His first year had not gone well; he struggled with dyslexia and failed mathematics, forcing him to repeat his “plebe” year in the fall. He returned to school in 1905 with a steely dedication to this time be a success, and he started a small black leather notebook to help keep himself on track. He used his notebook to record daily happenings, explore ideas of leadership and war strategy, draw diagrams, and even pen poetry on love. But its most important use was as a place to write down the affirmations and principles that would guide his journey toward his ultimate goal- becoming a great general
via The Pocket Notebooks of 20 Famous Men | The Art of Manliness. {0}
We are—hundreds of millions of us—broadcasting our lives and following the broadcasts of others as if our lives depended on it. I’m not just referring to Facebook or Twitter. I’m talking about memoirs, based-on-a-true-story movies, daytime talk shows, blogs, confessional songs, reality TV, and every other form of “sharing” that’s taken the culture captive.
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