White Noise=Popular Book

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August 23rd, 2008

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Yesterday, we chose to read and discuss Don Delillo’s White Noise.  Unfortunately, because it is an amazing book and the world is against us, there is a shortage of copies in Tulsa.  For your convenience, here are the number of books and their locations around the city:
Border’s 81st: 6
Border’s Midtown: 3
B&N 41st: 1
Steve’s Sundry: 0
Gardner’s Used Books: 0
Waldenbooks in Promenade: 0

Grab a copy if you have a chance.  I’ve ordered five more copies from B&N at 41st, but they will take around a week to come in.  I’ll let you know when they arrive.

We will begin this unit with shorter works that are thematically related to White Noise. The first of these will be "Raj, Bohemian" by Hari Kunzru (originally published in The New Yorker), a short story about modern identity and consumer culture.  As we dive in, feel free to bring to class anything you feel will supplement our discussions.

Remember, article analyses are due every Tuesday and Thursday.

Enjoy your weekend.  Go outside!  Read near an open window if it’s raining!