Love in the Time of Cholera Reading Schedule

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January 4th, 2011


By each Tuesday: finish 1/2 the chapter

By each Friday: finish chapter

Jan 3-7: 1-51

Jan 10-14: 52-103

Jan 17-21: 104-163 (Note: We are out Monday 17th.)

Jan 24-28: 164-224

Jan 31-Feb 4: 225-278

Feb 7-11: 279-348

Quick Calendar for Midterm

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March 30th, 2010

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You are currently working on your final outlines for Love in the Time of Cholera. These will be due this Friday, April 2nd. Your first rough drafts will be due the following Monday, April 5th. You will spend that week reviewing the drafts with your peers and one-on-one with me. Your final drafts will be due that Friday, April 9th.

Spring Break Reminder

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March 21st, 2010

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Your outlines for the first three sections will be due Monday. Be sure to print it out before class, as we’ll be discussing them. If you’d like, email a copy to me and we can help you on the board.

Love in the Time of Cholera Overview

World Literature

October 10th, 2009

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Update: I’ve received a few questions about our plans after my absence. We’ll continue the schedule as laid out, but I’ll be looking over your journals on Monday the 19th. Thanks, JS

Love in the Time of Cholera is not for the faint-of-heart, as I’m sure you’re all aware by now. I’ve posted a reading schedule below. It would be wise to read ahead (and journal all the way) over the weekends and breaks if you’re afraid of falling behind. (For those who find themselves lost in discussions of passages they’ve read beyond, the reading journal is a good way to refresh your memory.)

Journaling is vital to the creation of a solid paper towards the end of this novel. If you scroll to the end of the schedule, you’ll notice that we end the novel on a Wednesday (the 28th) and turn in a final draft of your term paper the next week (the 3rd). By journaling as you go, you are keeping track of patterns that emerge (see “Some things,” below). When you formulate your thesis, you are explaining what these patterns say about the work as a whole. From there, creating an outline is a matter of going through your journal and grouping quotations and insights that support your thesis, then putting them in a logical order. Writing a rough draft should be mostly copying your comments and their accompanying quotations from your journal.

It is not a simple process, but most of the insight work should be done while you’re reading and during our discussions. The writing process is communication work: organizing, working on flow, reinforcing your points.

I’ll work with each of you as we go, but I can’t read/journal for you; I can merely guide you in the right direction.

Possible essay topics:

These are only ideas; let me know if you come up with another one.

Some things to be journaling:

We will have a brief quiz on Monday. If you are having difficulties keeping up with the reading, see me and we’ll work it out.

To check your understanding, check out this site, which has a list of basic questions about each section. This isn’t an assignment, though it would be beneficial to read over them after you finish a section.

Reading/writing schedule:

Date Discussion Due
Thurs. (08) 3-25 (Ferm. has put on a loose…)
Fri. (09) 25-51 (Ch. 2) Journal
Mon. (12) 51-74 (Flor’s life has changed…)
Tues. (13) 74-103 (Ch. 3)
Wed. (14) 103-124 (the 3rd letter in Oct…) Journal
Fall Break
Mon. (19) 124-150 (that night she stopped…) Journal
Tues. (20) 150-163 (Ch. 4)
Wed. (21) 164-191 (sooner had the convers…) Journal
Thurs. (22) 191-224 (Ch. 5)
Fri. (23) 224-278 (Ch. 6) Journal
Mon. (26) 278-301 (Death’s passage…)
Tues. (27) 301-323 (She insisted with so much…)
Wed. (28) 323-end; overview; discussion of thesis statements; prewriting in class Journal
Thurs. (29) outline writing; thesis revision Thesis statements due
Fri. (30) Peer review of outlines Outlines due
Mon. (02) Peer revision Rough drafts due
Tues. (03) Peer review; begin final drafts Second drafts due
Wed. (04) Final drafts due

Love (and Cholera) is in the Air!

World Literature

October 3rd, 2009

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You can pick up your copies of Love in the Time of Cholera at Barnes and Noble. If you’re looking for a deal, Gardner’s may have a few copies as well. Dig in before Monday (read as far as you’d like, but hit at least the first chapter).

Don’t forget to journal. What are your first impressions? What is cholera? We’ll discuss the author’s style on Monday.