The Moral Waterfall

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November 5th, 2008

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Arrangement in

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October 23rd, 2008


Sorry about the break in the image…

Hope in The Stranger?

World Literature

October 20th, 2008

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Brief synopsis of our discussion in class today.  More to come tomorrow.  Why does there seem to be an absence of hope in the novel?




Maxed Out Drafts

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October 13th, 2008

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I’m just beginning to look over your drafts now, so I will post any advice later as another post, but I thought I would get this up now.

Here are our notes from the board today, which are essentially a review of the devices.  Focus on your papers; comment if you have any questions.image image Oh!  Here is the official website, which features the trailer and such.  (Note the awards listed; what do they do for the argument?  Anything?  Keep authority in mind.)

Maxed Out Notes

AP Language

October 10th, 2008

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We will be writing drafts of our analysis of Maxed Out this weekend.  You should write it as you would an article analysis, with a summation of the argument in the first paragraph, an analysis of the argument (not the topic) in the body paragraphs, and a concluding statement of the movie’s persuasiveness.  This assignment is worth 80 points (think a month’s worth of article analyses), so spend some time on it.  Here are our notes from the board:



While we didn’t get as far as I would have liked, this (coupled with your notes) should give you a good starting point.  Think of the above as an annotation of the movie; you won’t necessarily structure your analysis this way, but it is a good summation of the movie’s structure and the argued impact of many negative influences.

As always, if you have any questions please post a comment for the good of all or send me an email:image