Graphics in Literature or, Comic Books in School (better.)

British Literature. Mon, Jan 7th, 2008 at 3:24 pm


This week we will begin a section on graphic analysis.  Basically, this means that we will be looking at works (mostly outstanding graphic novels, some shorter comics and comix, some advertisements, and possibly a short video) as we do with literature—think T-DIDLS but with Sandman or Jimmy Corrigan

So, we began today with an overview of "why we are doing this."  Always my favorite way to begin, as it ensures that our vital time isn’t wasted.  My reasoning is this (please feel free to add another reason in the comments section):


We then discussed Scott McCloud’s terminology for understanding comics (found in his aptly titled work, Understanding Comics), and discussed how these terms can be applied to anything visual.  (What’s the tone of your MySpace or Facebook page?  How do you know?)  Here are his terms alongside our own:

Moment Diction
Image Imagery
Frame Detail
Word Language
Flow Syntax

Your homework for tonight:

1st hour: Read chapter 13 of Dracula

3rd and 4th hour: Read chapters 13 and 14 of War of the Worlds